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6 Steps To Re-modelling Your Living Room On A Budget.

A living room is often one of the most used areas in the house because of the multitude of functions it has to fulfill: it’s where we entertain guests, relax, play games, and socialize.

1. Rethink Your Layout

Sometimes, all a room needs is a new layout. By moving your furniture around or even moving your living room to another room in your home you can get an entirely new look. A living is usually centered around something like a television or a fireplace, so that should be your starting point. If you have a fireplace, you won’t have too many options regarding the configuration of the room. But you will be able to rearrange the furniture at least.

If however, your central point is the television, then take a long hard look at the room to decide if the TV is really in the best possible place. Cabling can be rerouted without too much hassle, so make sure that you are happy with an optimal position and then arrange your furniture around it accordingly.

2. Must Have Paint

Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to give a room a facelift. Whether you decide to paint all the walls, one wall as a focal, above the dado, or below it, paint has transformative properties with some serious bang for buck. Try having contrasting colors above and below the dado rail, like a dark grey below with crisp white above. And if you don’t have a dado rail, use painter’s tape to create a line 3 feet from the floor. By painting the areas below and above the line in different colors, you can create the same visual effect.

3. Focus On The Flooring

Redoing a floor doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. But if you have a tired carpet or damaged tiles, a new floor finish will do wonders for the room. Carpet can be replaced without too much effort, and as with most building materials, there is an incredible variety available to suit all budgets. Vinyl tiles or wooden laminates are also great and highly cost-effective flooring options. One of the great advantages of these modern floor finishes is that they can be installed on top of your existing tile or cement finish, making them quick and mostly mess-free options.

4. Revamp Your Furniture

Revamping your existing furniture is not only inexpensive when compared with buying new ones: it’s also an environmentally friendly option. Spending the money on recovering upholstered furniture only makes sense however if the frame is of good quality. If you are not sure, then it might be better to choose a loose cover to revamp your sofa or chair. For a quick fix, cover damaged or stained upholstery with printed throws to give it a new look. And as with walls, paint can magically transform old furniture. And don’t feel bad about painting your vintage furniture – it can always be sanded down again.

5. Accessorise Your Living Room

There are many living room design ideas out there, but accessories are by far the easiest and quickest way to give your living room a refresh. Replace your pillows with the latest trends seasonally, and match them with cotton throws in summer and warm woolly blankets in winter. It’s inexpensive and will ensure that your living room always looks great. Rugs are another way to add fresh pattern and color to a room. It is not necessarily as cheap, but you can still alternate a woolly winter rug with a cotton or jute summer rug.

6. Look At The Lighting

We sometimes forget about lighting as an important factor in creating the look of a room. Lighting is a fantastic way to add ambiance and mood, and a few well-placed table lamps and floor lamps add instant elegance in a room. Picture lights can quickly shed light on an artwork or gallery wall, and by replacing a central light fixture with a new chandelier or pendant, you can give your room a professionally finished look. Look for lampshades that can be changed out to match your seasonal accessories for a truly dynamic living room.

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